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Announcement on the List of the Second Batch of Shanghai Public Welfare Social Groups Which Have Obtained Pre-tax Deduction Qualifications of Public Welfare Donation in 2017

Document No.:Announcement No.8, 2017 of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Finance, Shanghai State Taxation Bureau, Sha

Taxes:Other Taxes,Comprehensive Taxation,Administration of Tax Levy & Collection

Date of Promulgation:

IssueDepartment:Financial Bureaus of Localities,State Taxation Bureaus of Localities,Local Taxation Bureaus of Localities

Date of Implementatio:2017-07-25


According to the relevant provisions of the “Enterprise Income Tax Law” and its “Implementation Regulations”, and relevant requirements of the “Notice of the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of Civil Affairs on Adjustment Matters Concerning Confirming and Approving Pre-tax Deduction Qualifications of Public Welfare Donations” (Cai Shui [2015] No.141), and the “Notice on Forwarding the ‘Notice of the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of Civil Affairs on Adjustment Matters Concerning Confirming and Approving Pre-tax Deduction Qualifications of Public Welfare Donations’” (Hu Cai Shui [2016] No.32), we hereby notify the relevant issues on the list of the second branch of public welfare social organizations in Shanghai which are eligible for the pre-tax deduction qualifications for their charitable donations in 2017 as follows:

I. List of the second batch of public welfare organizations which are eligible for pre-tax deduction for public welfare donations of 2017

1.Shanghai Education Development Foundation
2.Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Education Development Foundation
3.Shanghai Minhang District Education Development Foundation
4.Shanghai East China Normal University Education Development Foundation
5.Shanghai Yishan Public Welfare Foundation
6.Shanghai Fudan University Education Development Foundation
7.Shanghai Zijiang Public Welfare Foundation
8.Shanghai Kans Public Welfare Foundation
9.Shanghai Private Education Development Foundation
10.Shanghai Tongji University Education Development Foundation
11.Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Education Development Foundation
12.Shanghai Dandelion Education Development Foundation
13.Shanghai Blue Ribbon Public Welfare Foundation
14.Shanghai Dayinxisheng Public Welfare Foundation
15.Shanghai Conservatory of Music Education Development Foundation
16.Shanghai Cheung Shuang Education Development Foundation
17.Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Development Foundation
18.Shanghai New York University Education Development Foundation
19.Shanghai Volunteer Service Public Welfare Foundation
20.Fudan Management Award Foundation
21.Shanghai Ruhong Public Welfare Foundation
22.Shanghai Aurora Education Development Foundation
23.Shanghai City West Middle School Education Development Foundation
24.Shanghai University Education Development Foundation
25.Shanghai Huizhi Economic and Management Development Foundation
26.Shanghai East China University of Political Science and Law Education Development Foundation
27.Shanghai Hongxin Public Welfare Foundation
28.Shanghai Minsheng Public Welfare Foundation
29.Shanghai Fuda Charity Foundation
30.Shanghai Yile Help Age Charity Foundation
31.Shanghai Huijia Charity Foundation
32.Shanghai Huaxin Public Welfare Foundation
33.Shanghai Youren Public Welfare Foundation
34.Shanghai Charity Foundation
35.Shanghai Treasure Public Welfare Foundation
36.Shanghai RAAS Public Welfare Foundation
37.Shanghai HYlink Charity Foundation
38. Shanghai Overseas Chinese Foundation
39.Shanghai Yintech Public Welfare Foundation
40.Shanghai Future Dream Public Welfare Foundation
41.Shanghai Yuanli Public Welfare Foundation
42.Shanghai Zhizunyuan Welfare Foundation
43.Shanghai Kindness Wisdom Foundation
44.Shanghai GuoFeng Charity Foundation
45.Shanghai Haikangbei Public Welfare Foundation
46.Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation
47.Shanghai Hongkou District Liangcheng Community Foundation
48.Shanghai United Foundation
49.Shanghai Dream Love Public Welfare Foundation
50.Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation
51.Shanghai Rende Foundation
52.Shanghai Green Olive Tree Welfare Foundation
53.Shanghai Hongfang Public Welfare Foundation
54.Shanghai Rongzhuang public welfare foundation
55.Shanghai Ruihua Charity Foundation
56.Shanghai Yi Shun Public Welfare Foundation
57.Shanghai Tomson Charity Foundation
58.The Charity Foundation of Shanghai Minjian
59.Shanghai Jude Charity Foundation
60.Shanghai May Foundation
61.Shanghai Wanyu Charity Foundation
62.Shanghai Ende Charitable Foundation
63.Shanghai Nengjin Foundation
64.Shanghai Foundation for Mutual & Aiding Needy Assistance
65.Shanghai Huiai Charitable Foundation
66.Shanghai Dafeng Public Welfare Foundation
67.Shanghai Ciyuan Foundation
68.Shanghai Noah Public Welfare Foundation
69.Shanghai Han Ting Social Welfare Foundation
70.Shanghai Rongmao Charity Foundation
71.Shanghai Radio and Television Art Humanities Development Foundation
72.Shanghai Hongyi Ecological Protection Foundation
73.Shanghai Modern Service Industry Development Research Foundation
74.Shanghai Guogan Public Welfare Foundation
75.Shanghai Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Foundation
76.Shanghai Zhengxiang Public Welfare Foundation
77.Shanghai New Century Social Development Foundation
78.Shanghai Daci Foundation
79.Shanghai Hua Ai Charity Foundation
80.Shanghai Ziranerran TCM Development Foundation
81.Shanghai Angel Charity Foundation
82.Shanghai Yandexin Chinese Medicine Foundation
83.Shanghai Population Welfare Foundation
84.Shanghai Zhouliangfu Medical Development Foundation
85.Shanghai Innovative Cell Biology Development Foundation
86.Shanghai Medical and Health Development Foundation
87.Shanghai Literature and Art Foundation
88.Shanghai Dehui Charity Foundation
89.Shanghai National Defense Education Foundation
90.Shanghai Brain Health Foundation
91.Shanghai Respect Doctor Foundation
92.Shanghai Correction and Support Foundation
93.Shanghai Children 's Health Foundation
94.Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Cultural Development Foundation
95.Shanghai Changning District Xinhua Community Foundation
96.Shanghai Xuhui Caohejing Community Foundation
97.Shanghai Pudong New Area Pu Xing Community Foundation
98.Shanghai Xuhui Longhua Community Foundation
99.Shanghai Hongkou District Guangzhong Community Foundation
100.Shanghai Xingshe Public Welfare Foundation
101.Shanghai Yijiatong Welfare Foundation
102.Shanghai Quanai Foundation
103.Shanghai Jinding Financial Historical and Cultural Development Foundation
104.Shanghai Zhenai Public Welfare Foundation
105.Shanghai Jianqiao College Education Development Foundation
106.Shanghai Shuangping Charity Foundation
107.Shanghai Pudong New Area Jinyang Community Public Welfare Foundation
108.Shanghai Golden Wutong Public Welfare Foundation
109.Shanghai Wuchangshuo Culture and Arts Foundation
110.Shanghai Yongda Public Welfare Foundation
111.Shanghai Nicanci Cancer Prevention and Anti-cancer Charity Foundation

II. The eligible public welfare donation expenditures incurred by taxpayers in 2017 through the second batch of public welfare social organizations, taxpayers may file a pre-tax deduction with the in-charge taxation authorities.

The announcement is hereby notified as above.

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Finance
Shanghai State Taxation Bureau
Shanghai Local Taxation Bureau
Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau
July 25, 2017

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